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Newport Harbour

Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact about mooring in Newport Harbour ?

Telephone the Harbour Master, Wayne Pritchett on (01983) 525994 for information relating to moorings and tide times in Newport.

What are the water depths in Newport Harbour ?

High water Spring tides give an average 2.5m depth at the visitors' pontoons and approach channel, although this may increase slightly due to weather conditions. The Neap high tide depth is 1.8m. The harbour dries out at low water, around 5 hours after high water, revealing a firm level bottom. It is advised that fin keeled boats should lie against the quay walls south of the visitors' pontoons.

Who can I speak to about the availability of moorings at Newport Harbour ?

The Newport Harbour Master can be reached on 01983 525994.

What facilities are available at Newport Harbour ?

Onshore there is a shower and toilet block for the use of visiting boats. Water and electricity is available on the pontoons. There are also facilties for the disposal of domestic waste produced by visiting boats, these are clearly signposted from the pontoons. Harbour staff are happy to assist with any day-to-day enquiries during your visit.

Is dry berth storage available over the Winter period ?

Yes, dry berth storage is available at Newport Harbour for around 50 boats. Contact the Harbour Master on 525994 for dates, availability and charges.

If I launch my boat at Newport Harbour , is there somewhere to park my trailer ?

Yes, limited space is generally available to leave a boat trailer. Contact the Harbour Master on 525994 for the most suitable location for trailer parking.

What are the navigation markings for approaching Newport Harbour ?

When sailing towards Newport Harbour from Cowes, a beacon at the Folly displays a rapid flashing green light. This is located 1.5 cables south of the Folly Inn Point at the end of the row of yacht moorings. Moving south, two pairs of fixed green lights are located on the west bank, at the northern and southern ends of the Cement Mills site. At Dodnor, a further pair of fixed green lights mark the end of a small jetty extending from the west bank. Shallow points upstream are marked by red buoys (7No.) on the port side and green buoys (3No.) on the starboard. On the east bank, the approach to Newport Harbour is identified by large white beacons with pairs of horizontal red lights showing at night. When lined up, these beacons bear a course of 192deg T and show the approach channel to the harbour.

Can I launch my boat at Newport Harbour ?

Yes, there are two slipways. The recommended slipway is between Jubilee Stores and the Bus Museum on the East bank.

Are boat repairs available at Newport Harbour ?

Yes, Odessa Marine boatyard is situated on the West bank and will undertake boat repairs. They can be contacted on 524337.

Are gas cylinders available at Newport Harbour ?

Yes, gas is currently available at Odessa boatyard on the West bank, telephone no. 524337.



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