UPDATE: The latest information about the completed Eastern Yar Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy can be found by clicking here.

major study into managing flood and coastal erosion within the Eastern Yar Valley and Bembridge Harbour commenced in January 2006. The study is being funded by the government and is being led by the Environment Agency in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council’s Centre for the Coastal Environment.

The £670,000 study will cover the whole river catchment, an extensive area of the eastern half of the Isle of Wight. It includes parts of Bembridge, St Helens, Brading and Sandown, as well as the villages of Newchurch, Adgestone, Alverstone and Arreton. The study will assess potentially increasing flood risks within the catchment as well as coastal erosion and risks of coastal flooding within Bembridge Harbour, looking ahead for the next 100 years. The study will be undertaken by the Environment Agency’s consultants, Atkins.

The lower Eastern Yar valley and Bembridge is of international environmental importance. The area suffers from flooding and coastal erosion. These natural physical processes are complicated so this investigation will find the best long-term option for managing river and coastal flood risk.