November 2009:
We want your views. We are holding a 3 month public consultation on the Planning for the Future - Eastern Yar draft flood and erosion management strategy document. This document is the draft outline of how we could manage flood and erosion risk for the next 100 years in the Eastern Yar catchment area.

We will consult for 14 weeks from Monday 30th November 2009 until Friday 5 th March 2010 .

The Planning for the Future - Eastern Yar Draft Flood and Erosion Risk Management Stratagy document is available to download from the Documentation page.

Please see the Consultation page for more details of how you can respond and get more information.

As part of the consultation on the draft strategy we are holding exhibitions in the catchment area. We encourage everyone to attend and talk with members of the project team. Your input at this stage is vital for ensuring that we have taken into account all relevant information and opinions in producing the Planning for the Future - Eastern Yar draft flood and erosion management strategy. If you would like to come and talk to us about our work, we will be at Bembridge Village Hall on:

  • Wednesday 9 December 2009 , 2pm to 8pm
  • Friday 12 February 2010 , 2pm to 8pm

We have completed a Strategic Environmental Assessment for this draft strategy, which outlines the potential environmental consequences of the options proposed in this strategy. It is available from the ‘Documentation' page.

After the public consultation closes on 5 th March 2010 , we will review all of the responses as we finalise the strategy. We will share the outcomes of this consultation and our strategy progress with you, through press releases, communications with local community representatives and here on our website.

We hope to make a decision on the final strategy by the end of the summer and have all the necessary approvals by late 2010. At that time the operating authorities will begin to develop schemes to implement the strategy, subject to available funding.


September 2008:

Recent technical studies to inform the Eastern Yar flood and erosion management strategy include a Coastal Processes Study undertaken by ABPmer and a Site Investigation of Embankment Road. The project team are currently reviewing the reports of these studies. These reviews are taking longer than anticipated.

The project team are also reviewing the options available to the strategy. We are unable to confirm the dates when we can discuss these options with our stakeholders (such as local catchment representatives and the parish councils) at the moment, but still hope to carry out these discussions before the end of 2008.

We aim to publish the results of the ABPmer Coastal Processes Study towards the end of October 2008. The report on the Site Investigation of Embankment Road will also be available for download from this website at this time. Please see the ‘Documentation' section of this website for the latest available downloads. Hard copies of these documents can be requested at the end of October by contacting us on 08708 506 506 (please note this may be subject to a fee).

We have also decided to postpone issuing the next newsletter until October/November 2008, when we will have more news on the strategy. We will continue to update this website on a monthly basis to let you know of progress on the strategy.

August 2008:

The Strategy is entering a time of rapid progress, with a large degree of consultation being planned over the next few months.

Technical Studies
ABPmer have now completed their study of the coastal processes in the Bembridge Harbour area. We are currently reviewing the report with our partners in the Isle of Wight Council.

A site investigation undertaken at Bembridge Seawall concluded that, with minor maintenance and surface improvements, the structure is expected to remain in a useable condition for the next 100 years.

Both of these documents will be available to download from this site (‘Documentation' section) in September 2008. Hard copies of these documents can be requested by contacting us on 08708 506 506 (may be subject to a fee).

Current work
We are currently assessing the different options for managing the coastal and fluvial flood and erosion risk. We do this by comparing the economic, technical, environmental and social aspects of the options, against each other. This helps us to come up with a short-list of options for the catchment.

Next steps
We are planning to meet with key stakeholders in October 2008. These meetings will include staff from the Isle of Wight Council, some of our own Environment Agency specialists and representatives from all areas of the catchment, including parish councils. We will present the short list of options and seek the views of the stakeholders. We will use the feedback from these meetings to help us identify the preferred options.

We will then present these options within the draft strategy document, to everyone who is interested, at Public Exhibitions which will be held in Bembridge and Sandown in early 2009. For a two month period over this time, you will have an opportunity to have your say and give us your comments.

Following these meetings and the Public Exhibitions, the Isle of Wight Council and Environment Agency will present the final preferred options to the Isle of Wight Councillors and the Environment Agency Directors for their agreement.

Keeping you updated
We will update this website on a monthly basis to inform you of the latest developments of the strategy.

We will also issue a newsletter to our stakeholders and the local community in September, and thereafter on a three-monthly basis, with general updates on progress. Please contact the Isle of Wight Council on 01983 857220 if you would like multiple copies to display on your local community boards or venues.

May 2008:

Newsletter published - click here to download

April 2008:

ABPMer are progressing well with their study of the coastal processes in the Bembridge Harbour area.

We recently undertook a review of the work and costs left to complete the strategy, to ensure the best use of public money. Following approval of this review, we will publish a newsletter in late spring to keep you updated on how the strategy will progress over the next year. This will contain information of the work we will be undertaking and future meetings with our stakeholders and Bembridge and St Helen's Working Group.

December 2007:

Work on the Strategy is progressing, with the following activities undertaken over the last few months:
•  Site Investigation (boreholes) along Embankment Road. This is now completed. The conclusions of the study will be incorporated into the Strategy report.
•  Scoping of Strategic Appropriate Assessment: Appendix 11. This records how we assess the options which may have a ‘Likely Significant Effect' on a European Site.

Current activities
We have commissioned ABPMer to undertake a study of the coastal processes in the Bembridge Harbour area. This includes assessing to what extent St Helens' Duver acts as a protective feature for Embankment Road, and providing greater detail on the transfer of sediment along the local coastline. This will be completed in early Spring 2008.

We are also undertaking further modelling of the impact of key structures during potential flood events and an assessment of the impact of climate change and potential flooding on the European Site freshwater habitat.

Future Activities
The Strategy is beginning to assess the different options for managing flood and coastal erosion risk. This includes looking at the technical, economic and environmental impacts of the options on the local area, to come up with a Preferred Option.

Once the Preferred Option has been identified, the Project Team will consult with the Stakeholder Group and the Bembridge and St Helens Working Group to explain how the decision was made. This consultation is due to happen in summer 2008 and details will be posted on the website. Formal consultation on the draft Strategy is planned to take place towards the end of 2008 and public exhibitions will be held in Sandown and Bembridge. Details will be posted nearer the time.

The consultation Strategy Document will be supported by a Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assessment.

May 2007:

Work on the Eastern Yar Flood and Coastal Strategy continues.  The current area of activity for the project team is to understand the structural integrity of Embankment Road.  To do this the project has commissioned the Island firm Mountjoy to dig bore holes along the road so the team can locate the clay core of the embankment. This will provide valuable information for the project team to understand the long term sustainability of the embankment.  

The site investigation works will begin on the 4 June and continue for a maximum of five weeks.  The works will be undertaken in the footpath as much as possible but we anticipate a requirement for the contractors to move into the highway depending upon the nature of the material found and location of buried services.  There will be temporary traffic lights during this time but the team will be seeking to keep disruption to a mimimum. 

The works comprise of two phases

Phase 1 - Digging a total of twelve trial pits (to check for the many services buried within the footpath and carriageways) followed by the sinking (drilling) of a windowless sampling borehole in each of the trial pits, to a depth of 10m. These will be excavated in the footpath and Bembridge bound carriageway of the Embankment Road for almost its entire length.

Phase 2 - Digging a total of six more trial pits including the sinking of a windowless sampling borehole in each, again to a depth of 10m.  This will be over a section of the remaining (southern) carriageway and will only be undertaken if the necessary information cannot be collected from the initial twelve boreholes

Should problems be experienced in sinking the windowless sampling boreholes, it may prove necessary to bring in a larger cable percussion tool rig in order to complete the sampling works. This would not affect the scope of works as far as traffic disruption or overall programme is concerned.

This will provide the project team with the opportunity of minimising disruption to traffic, pedestrians, local businesses and residents.  On completion, reinstatement will be carried out to the satisfaction of IWC Highways.



March 2007: Phase 1 documentation is now available on the Eastern Yar River and Coastal Strategy website



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