What is a Flood and Erosion Management Stratagy?

A fluvial and coastal strategy, also termed a flood and erosion management strategy, identifies the risks from flood and coastal erosion within a specific area (in this case the Eastern Yar river and Bembridge Harbour coastal frontage) over a 100 year time period and sets out how to manage these risks.

We have to plan and justify our flood and erosion risk management works as we are using public money. To help us make the right choices, we prepare strategies these are long term (100 years) to make sure we understand the future implications of what we do now and take into account long term trends such as sea level rise. Strategies also make sure that we look at the potential wider effects of our works for example, what they could mean for flood risk in other areas and what they could mean for people and wildlife.

Coastal defence strategies fit into a three-tiered framework of flood and erosion risk management as established by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra):

•  Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) set out high level management policies for 100 years across wide areas of coastline.

•  Coastal defence strategies define how to deliver SMP policy for smaller areas.

•  Schemes implement work on the ground.