Strategy Area Map

The strategy area includes the Eastern Yar River , Bembridge Harbour , St Helens and the coast along the front of the Duver peninsular. Its main tributaries are the Arreton Stream, the Wroxall stream and Scotchell's Brook. The catchment covers nearly 90km 2 , almost a quarter of the Isle of Wight .

The Eastern Yar Valley is a unique catchment of international importance, valued by many for its multitude of uses. Large parts of it are environmentally designated for their freshwater and maritime habitats, including freshwater wetlands, sand dunes, lagoons, salt marshes and mudflats. There are towns and communities which are historically and socially important to the Island such as St Helens , Brading and Bembridge.

The lower sections of the river and its tributaries have been dredged and straightened. The sections between Brading and St Helens were straightened when the railway line to Bembridge Harbour was constructed during the 19 th Century. Embankment Road allowed the land behind to be reclaimed, creating what we see now.

Inside Bembridge Harbour there are navigation routes and structures that are used by the maritime industries.

The island attracts large numbers of short and long stay visitors. Tourism in the Eastern Yar catchment is centred on the beaches and sand dunes at the Duver and Bembridge, and on sailing and other maritime leisure pursuits.

Download the full Eastern Yar River and Coastal Strategy study area map