Timetable for the Study

UPDATE: Completed -The latest information about the completed Eastern Yar Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy can be found by clicking here


The strategy will be undertaken in three phases which commenced in January 2006.

Phase One

  • Project set up and planning,
  • Coastal processes studies including marine data collection to provide a clear understanding of the implications of non-intervention,
  • Flood studies including a topographical survey of the river to provide a clear understanding of the imp lications of non-intervention,
  • Geomorphological study to understand the past, present and future evolution of the river,
  • Production of a conceptual model of the catchment hydrology to understand the interactions of the river and the surrounding land during flood events and under normal circumstance s,
  • Land management investigation to understand how land management techniques c ould benefit flood management,
  • Strategic review of assets at risk,
  • Legislative and policy review to understand and agree the limitations and opportunities of the nature conservation designations,
  • Environmental scoping,
  • Identification and strategic review of flood and coastal risk management options,

Phase Two

  • Coastal and river modelling of the flood and coastal risk options (including modelling of the interactions between the river, harbour and sea).
  • Fill any information gaps relating to the catchment hydrogeology, coastal processes and the community assets,
  • Fluvial audit of the river to support options appraisal (geomorphology),
  • Options Appraisal of flood risk management options.

Phase Three

  • Detailed options appraisal (economic, technical and environmental),
  • Consultation on recommended options,
  • Production of Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental report,
  • Sign off of strategy.