The Engineering section of the Coastal Management team is responsible for the following functions:

Coastal defence

For the latest information about coastal defence schemes in the Isle of Wight, please click here.

Coastal, landslide and cliff management and monitoring and ground stability engineering
The Council maintains an extensive network of sensors that monitor ground movement at various locations throughout the Ventnor Undercliff, as well as one site at Afton Down. For more information about landslide monitoring on the Isle of Wight, please click here.

The Coastal Management team is also involved in the South-east Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme, which provides a consistent approach to coastal process monitoring. It provides information for development of strategic shoreline management plans, coastal defence strategies and operational management of coastal protection and flood defence. For more information about the Strategic Monitoring Programme, please click here.

Providing advice to homeowners in areas of risk due to coastal erosion and instability
For more information and advice about living in an area of coastal erosion or instability and to download the 'Managing Ground Instability in Urban Areas' book, please click here.

Coastal Stability at Cowes and Gurnard
In February 2000, the Centre for the Coastal Environment commissioned Halcrow Limited to carry out a coastal slope stabilty study from Cowes to Gurnard. The study area extends from Market Hill in central Cowes, west to Gurnard Marsh and inland as far as Baring Road and Solent View Road.

The main objectives of the study were to review the stability of the coastal slopes and to provide guidance for future planning and development. The study involved a thorough review of available information and the preparation of maps summarising the ground condition and planning guidance. The study has revealed variable ground conditions, including stable and unstable ground and large landslides in some areas. The potential hazards to development include localised failure of slopes, deep-seated slow ground movement, surface creep and ground heave.

A leaflet is available to advise developers and homeowners of the ways in which they can help minimise the effects of potential ground movement to their properties and avoid contributing to instability outside the boundaries of their properties. A fuller report, including maps of the area is available from the Isle of Wight Council or contact the Isle of Wight Centre for the Coastal Environment, Dudley Road, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 1EJ.

Management of Newport Harbour and Ventnor Haven
To find out more information about Ventnor Haven, including recent investments, please click here.

Planning liaison over coastal and geotechnical-related issues
Please email the Principal Coastal Engineer for more information.

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