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Public Exhibition Materials -July to October 2010
Summary of the Draft SMP Policies

1) The Summary Leaflet for the Draft SMP is available here.

2) Two advertisment Posters are provided:

  • The first poster (A4) advertised the exhibitions and the consultation dates
  • The second poster (A3+) described a bit more about the new SMP and the decisions to be made.

3) A series of Exhibition Panels were prepared which explained the principles behind the new policies and then summarised the proposed policies for each area:

  • These information panels were displayed at each of the roadshow venues in September, and were also available online.
  • The first eight panels provide general information about the Shoreline Management Plan
  • The following twelve panels provide specific information for each section of the coastline.
Our coastline is changing...and it could affect you The coastline is constantly changing The area covered by our SMP What are the SMP policy options?
Past and future changes Future management of the coast We want to hear from you Developing a Shoreline Management Plan
Cowes, East Cowes and Gurnard Medina Estuary: central and southern Estuary North-east coast: Osborne, Ryde, Seaview and Seagrove Bay Wootton Creek
Bembridge, Forelands and Whitecliff Bay Eastern Yar Valley and Bembridge Harbour Sandown Bay Ventnor Undercliff
South-west coast: Chale to Afton Down West Wight: Freshwater, Totland, Colwell and Norton Yarmouth and the Western Yar Estuary Bouldnor, Newtown Estuary and Thorness

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Updated: 17 December, 2010
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