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Public participation in the SMP process


It is essential that the revised Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) adequately deals with the issues and concerns of the communities, businesses and organisations with an interest in this part of the coast.

Local residents and organisations were invited to feed information into the process and comment on the draft policies and their likely consequences. The adopted policies take account of all the comments received.

Latest News
What is a Stakeholder?
I want to register as a Stakeholder

How did we complete the Final SMP after Public Consultation?
Click here for details of the Public Consultation on the Draft SMP in July-October 2010.
Click here to see the results of the Public Consultation on the Draft SMP and resulting changes to the SMP.
Appendix B of the Final SMP contains further details of stakeholder involvement in the development of SMP2.

Latest News

January 2011: Thank you for your comments on the SEA Addendum.
Appendix M now available:

Following the close of consultation on the Addendum on 30th December 2010, Appendix M (Statement of Environmental Particulars) has been published in January recording comments and any changes to the SMP.

Update on 17th December 2010

The Final SMP has now been published!*

Following the 3-month period of public consultation from July to October 2010, the Draft SMP has been amended, and the Final SMP is now available. The Final SMP has been published in December 2010 and is now available in full on this website.

Please click here to view the Final Shoreline Management Plan

Please click here to see how public comments were taken into account in producing the Final SMP.

*This Final SMP is subject to the completion of the Appendix F SEA Addendum after 30th December 2010; after this date, Appendix M (Statement of Environmental Particulars) will be added to the SMP, recording any changes. The Final SMP is also subject to the approval of Appendix L (IROPI case) by Defra, anticipated to occur in January 2011.

Update on 7th December 2010:

An Addendum to the Appendix F Strategic Environmental Assessment has been produced on 7th December and we would be grateful to receive any comments you may have on the Addendum over a 3 week period, until 30th December 2010.

This Addendum has been produced following national review to clarify a number of issues. This is a technical procedure to make stakeholders aware of the issues (including a summary of significance of the SMP2 policies and the impacts on the historic environment, and the addition of one Natura 2000 site as a result of public consultation on the draft SMP2). Completion of the SMP is proceeding as planned.

Your comments should reach us by 30th December 2010. Please see page 1 of the document for details of how to submit comments.

Click here to view the Addendum to Appendix F Strategic Environmental Assessment

It is currently anticipated that the SMP will be finalised on this website in December 2010;
However, it will remain subject to conclusion of the Appendix F Addendum comments in January 2011 (with particular reference to the completion of the Appendix M Statement of Environmental Particulars) and also to the approval of the Appendix I IROPI case.

Update on 24th November 2010:

The Draft SMP2 consultation period ended 23rd October 2010; Your comments have been considered by the project team and the results are now available.

Thank you very much for the comments and information submitted as part of the 3-month public consultation on the Draft Shoreline Management Plan which took place from July to October 2010.

The Steering Group (including the Isle of Wight Council, the Environment Agency and Natural England) has now reviewed all public comments received against the context of the national procedural guidance governing the development of all SMP's around the country to seek an achievable, realistic and helpful future plan for coastal communities. 

All comments received, both public and from professional reviewers, have been collated and responses have been made to each point.  The comments and responses have now been published in a spreadsheet on the SMP website, available here:

Click here to view and download the Excel Spreadsheet of comments and replies.

Please note: The comments are grouped for each section of the coast (or 'PDZ' -map available here), followed by General comments. The responses from the Steering Group are shown in the column on the right and are colour-coded.

The Steering Group take all consultation comments from Stakeholders into account when determining revisions to the Draft SMP, which is being revised in accordance with the replies and decisions recorded in the comments spreadsheet. The Final SMP will be produced in December 2010 for adoption by the Isle of Wight Council and the Environment Agency Regional Flood Defence Committee and for publication. The final document then has to go to Defra for consideration under the Habitats Regulations before being approved by the Environment Agency's Regional Director on behalf of Defra.

The Steering Group has also revised the SMP "Action Plan" to help to implement the SMP Policies in a locally appropriate manner. The Action Plan will be reviewed periodically (as will the SMP) and this will allow adoption of the plan to suit any changed circumstances in the future.

26th October 2010: Thank you for your Consultation responses

Thank you for all the comments on the draft SMP and the proposed policies submitted during the public consultation period from 23rd July to 23rd October 2010. Consultation is now closed.

The responses are being reviewed by the Steering Group and will be used to develop the Final SMP. All the consultation responses will be posted on this website in November, with replies to each comment. Please check back soon for updates.

The Final SMP is due to be completed and published in December 2010.

22nd September 2010: Consultation on the draft IW Shoreline Management Plan continues until 23rd October -We want to hear from you!

20th September 2010: Isle of Wight Shoreline Management Plan Consultation
–View the summary exhibition online, or in Ventnor until 23rd October 2010

10th September 2010: Isle of Wight Shoreline Management Plan
–Roadshow of exhibitions this week!

23rd July 2010: New Consultation information being sent to Stakeholders
Letters, Summary Leaflets, Consultation Response Forms and full details of the Consultation are being sent to all registered stakeholders, together with an invitation to consulatation events. We are writing to all individuals, representatives and groups with an interest in the shoreline who are stakeholders in the developing plan, following on from our last public meeting held in Cowes in April.

23rd July 2010: Draft SMP now published!

The Draft SMP has been published on 23rd July for a 3-month period of public consultation. We want to hear from you! -Please click here for more details.

We are pleased to announce that the Draft Shoreline Management Plan 2 has been prepared and was published on Friday 23rd July for a 3-month period of public examination. The Draft SMP is now available for your comments until 23rd October 2010.

Spring 2010: Presentations to the Stakeholder Group now available

The presentations made at the public meeting held in Cowes on 19th April are now available online. Please click here for the introduction and a summary of the key risks for the Isle of Wight, and click here for a summary of the SMP decision-making process and the descrition of the objectives and policy drivers for each section of the coast.

1st April 2010: Invitation to a public meeting for stakeholders on Monday 19th April 2010, 3pm, Northwood House, Cowes.

Please contact or phone 01983 857220 if you wish to attend this meeting on 19th April. Thank you.

The Isle of Wight Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) is currently being updated, and will set policy for the management of coastal flooding and erosion risks around the Isle of Wight coastline and estuaries.   We are writing to invite all stakeholders to a public meeting to provide an update on the Shoreline Management Plan review, to explain more about the thinking behind the plan and how it might affect you, your property and key interests.

We are writing to all representatives, groups and registered individuals with an interest in the shoreline who are stakeholders in the developing plan.  If you would like to join this list, please click here. Following our initial data gathering from stakeholders in September 2008 and our subsequent work in 2009, we would now like to invite all stakeholders to a public meeting on Monday 19th April 2010, at 3pm at Northwood House in Cowes.  It will provide31 January, 2011 Shoreline Management Plan and will outline plans for public consultation on the Draft Plan in summer 2010.  The meeting will include sessions for questions and answers and discussion.

An update on the development of the new SMP:  Recent work on the SMP has outlined the natural processes and coastal defence structures that are affecting the changing shoreline and has identified the flood and erosion risks that the Isle of Wight will face in the future if the defences fail.  This has included describing what is at risk over the next 100 years, including residential and commercial areas, infrastructure, sites of natural or historic importance and features, such as beaches, which might be important for the local tourism economy.  This information has been used to draft objectives which state the important issues that the SMP intends to support and preserve.  The meeting will outline these key issues and objectives for each area of the coast and will provide a chance to discuss these elements of the work.  After the meeting, the policies will be developed as part of the Draft SMP and published in summer 2010 for a 3-month period of public consultation (from July to September).  The results of the public consultation will then be used to set the final policies and the Final SMP will be completed and adopted in December 2010. 

Topics for the Stakeholder meeting on Monday 19th April include:

  • The importance of the Shoreline Management Plan for Isle of Wight coastal communities and the work to date;
  • The changing coastline of the Isle of Wight and the challenges of coastal erosion and flooding;
  • The objectives for managing each section of the coast and the key issues in each of these areas, which will be used to set policies.
  • Plans to issue the Draft SMP, including proposed policies, for a three-month period of Public Consultation in July to September 2010.

Please contact or phone 01983 857220 if you wish to attend the meeting on 19th April.

The Isle of Wight Shoreline Management Plan
–An introduction

About our Shoreline Management Plan:

A Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) sets policy for the management of coastal flooding and erosion risks for a pre-determined length of coast.  SMPs are being prepared right around the coastline of England and Wales .  It is a non-statutory high level document that provides a broad assessment of the long term risks associated with coastal processes and sea level rise and helps to reduce these risks to people and the developed, historic and natural environment. 

The responsibility for management of the coastal defences against erosion and flooding is shared between the Environment Agency and the local Coast Protection Authority, in this case the Isle of Wight Council and the frontage owner.

The fist Isle of Wight SMP (SMP1) was produced in 1997.  Since then significant progress has been made in understanding and mapping coastal processes.  SMP1 was an innovative step forward but it is due for review to ensure full account is taken of latest information, the views of stakeholders and of future challenges.

The review of the Shoreline Management Plan is being led by the Isle of Wight Council and the Environment Agency.  The new Plan will be finalised in December 2010.

About the decisions that need to be made:

The Isle of Wight Shoreline Management Plan will set policy options for each section of the coastline, as follows: 

  • No active intervention (do nothing) –meaning no investment will be made in coastal defences of other operations other than for safety purposes.
  • Hold the existing line –which means the coast protection authority or the landowner can keep the line of defence as it is by maintaining existing defences or changing the standard of protection.
  • Advance the line –involves building new defences on the seaward side of existing defences.
  • Managed realignment –allows natural physical processes to act on a stretch of shoreline by the removal of existing defences altogether or moving them to higher ground.

The SMP will suggest a preferred policy for each length of coast and it will be important to gauge the response to the proposed policy from the community and from relevant organisations. 

FAQ's can be found on the following SMP page
Frequently Asked Questions

May 2009: Questionnaire responses help identify important issues

The questionnaires and comments returned in October 2009 by residents and organisations on the coast of the Isle of Wight are being used to inform the development of the SMP. The replies are helping identify the issues and range of features that characterise each section of the coastline that may affect the shoreline management policies to be agreed in 2010.

This process will contribute to an understanding of what is at risk from future coastal change or flooding. It also helps set clear objectives that the shoreline management policy will aim to fulfil.

More information for stakeholders will be provided on this website in late Summer 2009.

If you would like to register as a new stakeholder please send your contact details to Further information and contact details can be found in the page below.

December 2008: Responses to the Questionnaire

Thank you to all the organisations and individuals who returned questionnaires and contributed information about the coast. Over 260 organisations and individuals were contacted to inform them about the SMP review and request their views and information, and the response rate was nearly 40%. The responses are being collated and will be used to inform the development of the Shoreline Management Plan.

A summary list of the organisations contacted can be found here.

September 2008: Letters and Questionnaires sent to Stakeholders

Letters have been sent out to over 250 organisations and people with a role or interest in the Isle of Wight coast to introduce the review of the Shoreline Management Plan. The letter also includes a questionnaire (with pre-paid SAE) to seek your views and ask if you can supply any information on a range of topics that could inform the new SMP. Replies are requested by 31 October 2008.

As the SMP develops we will update these stakeholders with news of all the public consultation days and events.

  • A Stakeholder is defined as a person or organisation with an interest or concern in something. A list of possible stakeholders for the SMP is provided below.
There will be extensive consultation with all key stakeholders including statutory organisations (including Natural England, the Environment Agency, English Heritage and the Countryside Agency), major coastal landowners and sectoral coastal interests, coastal Town and Parish Councils and the general public. This will be achieved through consultations and exhibitions at key stages (which will be advertised in the local press) as well as access through this website.

A Stakeholder Engagement Strategy will establish the role of public participation in the plan preparation process and indicate how the involvement of stakeholders is achieved at each stage of plan preparation and dissemination.

I want to be a Stakeholder: If you wish to become a stakeholder please complete and return the questionnaire which can be downloaded here (plus letter) and e-mail to or tel. 01983 857220 with your contact details. Please mark your e-mail "SMP stakeholder".

Stakeholders can include:

Planning authorities, organisations involved in development plans or coastal zone management plans (such as Regional Government).
Flood Management
Defra Flood Management Division, the Environment Agency, local authorities and internal drainage boards (IDBs) where appropriate.
Local Interests
The general public and local groups.
Marine Environment
Defra Marine Environment Division and Natural England.
Ports, Harbours and Navigation
Port and Harbour authorities and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM).
Natural England, National Farmers' Union (NFU), Tenant Farmers' Association and Country Land and Business Association (CLA).
Country Land and Business Association (CLA), the Crown Estate Commissioners, the National Trust, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), County Wildlife Trusts, the Forestry Commission, local Councils and the Ministry of Defence.
Sea fisheries committees (where fisheries interests may be affected).
Confederation of British Industry, Chambers of Commerce and the Association of British Insurers.
Nature Conservation
Natural England, Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), County Wildlife Trusts, Marine Conservation Society, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Joint Nature Conservation Committee, local nature conservation organisations, Regionally Important Geological or Geomorphological Site (RIGS) Groups and the Forestry Commission.
Natural England, Heritage Coast Forum, Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) and the Forestry Commission.
Archaeological and Historical sites or features
English Heritage and County, District and Local Authorities' archaeological and conservation officers.
Recreation and Access
Natural England, Water companies, the Forestry Commission, Town and Parish Councils, Ramblers' Association, Royal Yachting Association and other sporting associations.

Adapted from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Shoreline Management Plan Guidance © Crown Copyright 2006.

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Updated: 31 January, 2011
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