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Public Consultation on the Draft SMP2 -July to October 2010

Update on 17th December 2010: The Final SMP is now available here.

The draft SMP, including the proposed management policies was published for a three month period of public examination beginning on 23 July 2010.

The consultation period was open until 23 October 2010. The final SMP was then be prepared using the comments received and was published in December 2010.

The information displayed at the public exhibitions in Autumn 2010 is also available to view online -Please click here...

January 2011: Thank you for your comments on the SEA Addendum.
Appendix M now available:

Following the close of consultation on the Addendum on 30th December 2010, Appendix M (Statement of Environmental Particulars) has been published in January recording comments and any changes to the SMP.


Update on 7th December:

An Addendum to the Appendix F Strategic Environmental Assessment has been produced on 7th December and we would be grateful to receive any comments you may have on the Addendum over a 3 week period, until 30th December 2010.

This Addendum has been produced following national review to clarify a number of issues. This is a technical procedure to make stakeholders aware of the issues (including a summary of significance of the SMP2 policies and the impacts on the historic environment, and the addition of one Natura 2000 site as a result of public consultation on the draft SMP2). Completion of the SMP is proceeding as planned.

Your comments should reach us by 30th December 2010. Please see page 1 of the document for details of how to submit comments.

Click here to view the Addendum to Appendix F Strategic Environmental Assessment

It is currently anticipated that the SMP will be finalised on this website in December 2010;
However, it will remain subject to conclusion of the Appendix F Addendum comments in January 2011 (with particular reference to the completion of the Appendix M Statement of Environmental Particulars) and also to the approval of the Appendix I IROPI case.


Update on 24th November 2010:

The Draft SMP2 consultation period ended 23rd October 2010; Your comments have been considered by the project team and the results are now available.

Thank you very much for the comments and information submitted as part of the 3-month public consultation on the Draft Shoreline Management Plan which took place from July to October 2010.

The Steering Group (including the Isle of Wight Council, the Environment Agency and Natural England) has now reviewed all public comments received against the context of the national procedural guidance governing the development of all SMP's around the country to seek an achievable, realistic and helpful future plan for coastal communities. 

All comments received, both public and from professional reviewers, have been collated and responses have been made to each point.  The comments and responses have now been published in a spreadsheet on the SMP website, available here:

Click here to view and download the Excel Spreadsheet of comments and replies.

Please note: The comments are grouped for each section of the coast (or 'PDZ' -map available here), followed by General comments. The responses from the Steering Group are shown in the column on the right and are colour-coded.

The Steering Group take all consultation comments from Stakeholders into account when determining revisions to the Draft SMP, which is being revised in accordance with the replies and decisions recorded in the comments spreadsheet. The Final SMP will be produced in December 2010 for adoption by the Isle of Wight Council and the Environment Agency Regional Flood Defence Committee and for publication. The final document then has to go to Defra for consideration under the Habitats Regulations before being approved by the Environment Agency's Regional Director on behalf of Defra.

The Steering Group has also revised the SMP "Action Plan" to help to implement the SMP Policies in a locally appropriate manner. The Action Plan will be reviewed periodically (as will the SMP) and this will allow adoption of the plan to suit any changed circumstances in the future.


Update on 26th October 2010: Thank you for your Consultation responses

Thank you for all the comments on the draft SMP and the proposed policies submitted during the public consultation period from 23rd July to 23rd October 2010. Consultation is now closed.

The responses are being reviewed by the Steering Group and will be used to develop the Final SMP. All the consultation responses will be posted on this website in November, with replies to each comment. Please check back soon for updates.

The Final SMP is due to be completed and published in December 2010.

  • A summary leaflet is available-please click here to download it.
  • For further summaries of the SMP process and the proposed policies, please click here.

The SMP roadshow in September was a good opportunity to find out which of the four policy options was proposed for your stretch of coastline and the likely consequences. The exhibition visited five locations around the Island in September 2010, and was available at the Coastal Visitors' Centre in Ventnor for the remainder of the 3-month consultation period. Everyone was welcome to attend the exhibition and the professionals were available to answer your queries.

As the SMP has developed we have sought the views of those residents, interest groups, businesses and other organisations that have an interest or are likely to be affected in some way by management decisions.

To comment on the draft SMP2, please complete Consultation Response Form, using the following link:

Complete online Consultation Response Form -Now closed

Or, alternatively, you can download, print, complete and return the following response form:

Download paper version of the Consultation Response Form -Now closed

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Updated: 31 January, 2011
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